I was just an average sixteen-year-old girl who happened to be the offspring of a normal human father and a mother who was a Nightmare. Literally.
—Dusty Everhart, The Nightmare Affair, Chapter 1

Destiny "Dusty" Everhart is the main protagonist of The Arkwell Academy series.

Appearance: Orange Curly Hair, white eyesEdit

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The Nightmare AffairEdit

The Nightmare DilemmaEdit


Elijah Booker - aka Eli is Dusty's boyfriend and partner when solving crimes throughout the series their relationship was strained at the beginning of the first novel but as time when on they grew to care for each other and fell in love. Eli is willing to fight the odds to be together. Eli is an ordinary who later on in the series becomes known as a conductor a ordinary who can use magic through magical objects, such as a wand.

Selene Rivers - is a siren. she is Dusty's roommate and friend at Arkwell Academy. Selene is always a willing to help Dusty when solving the crimes throughout the novels and is shown within the novels to try and stop the stereotypes perceived by others about sirens. she dresses like a tomboy to protest these stereotypes.

Lance Rathbone - a wizard and Selene's on and off boyfriend, him and Dusty do not get along well with them always pulling pranks on each other. To Dusty, Lance is the person who hurt her friend so her behavior reflects that. To Lance, Dusty was a pain in his side and a reminder that he hurt someone he really cared about. they learned to deal with each other and even become friends later on in the series.

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